La philosophie UPGRADE SPACE & CONCEPT c’est la réalisation de votre projet suivie dans son entièreté par une équipe de professionnels, chacun dans leur domaine.

    Upgrade Space & Concept

    When an interior designer, with over 20 years’ experience in conceptual design, meets a sales representative, a professional in project development, an innovative concept is born: to put their very different talents at the service of the customer, by combining the technical aspect with the commercial follow-up of any project: No more problems, only solutions.

    Whether it’s structural work, construction, carpentry, painting, plumbing or electrical work, we’ll put our best teams in place to carry out your projects with an eye for detail, finish and, above all, deadlines.

    Whether it’s fitting out a store, renovating a house or apartment, building an addition to your home or developing a very special concept, we’ll carry out your project in a relationship of trust and serenity.

    Our strengths :

    • Free quotation
    • Immediate availability and responsiveness
    • Solution to every problem
    • On-time delivery
    • Team of professionals in every field
    • Total site management


    From project design to finishing, we’re your one-stop shop.

    Welcome to the world of Upgrade Space & Concept.